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Digital Decree #10 Issuing a Complete Prohibition of Gambling in Forceful Contact Sports.

Businesses that offer gambling services in sports such as Rugby Union, Rugby League or any other heavy sport are from the point of publication of this decree completely prohibited in the lands of Australia. I would advise UK leaders to follow this decree also.

The sport of Football or Rugby or other similar contact sports will not be prohibited. However its position as a tool of social influence, where mens physicality is ultimately exploited for political, social and occult ends will cease. This removal of Social influence and occult manipulation in Rugby will not completely eliminate commercial models from that sport. It will eliminate gambling revenue though.

This decree Also Applies to AFL, Australian Football / Aussie Rules.

Further It Applies to any Female versions of the same sports.

I am not at this point issuing this guidance for Soccer. I feel exactly the same way about its use as a tool of social manipulation and occult consciousness suppression. But I want to regulate in moderation and will exclude non life threatening sports from this decree. Some may argue Soccer is just as dangerous but Again, just a little bit of Moderation from me. Im not stopping society as a whole from regulating. The same writing is probably on the wall for that sport.

Maybe there is a place for sport like rugby in society if it is once again played as a friendly game. I don’t know I think it would always carry risks. I personally wouldn’t encourage my children to take it up above other physical pursuits.

Individuals who have amassed substantial wealth from commercial gambling business activity can have their assets liquidated and all funds from this process can be placed into Employment diversion programs for players effected by changes to that sport. Funds can also be used to support families who have suffered injury or loss of family members from participation in that sport. Any funds sitting in off-shore accounts can be seized. This Gambling Activity is Prohibited In in-Person Venues like Pubs and All Online Outlets.

Men who have participated in Media and Financial affairs in these sports will be put under extreme scrutiny as to how the sport has been used as a tool for occult manipulation & political / Social manipulation in nations like Australia.

If you are a rugby player I would encourage you to look at that sport as a small part of your big life. As an arena sport it is not acceptable to have men treated as gladiators and under a mountain of commercial pressure for political ends that do not support our society as a whole.

If you feel your family is going to be under financial pressure from these changes all these thing pass in time. You may have to downgrade. Shit happens. But most importantly you have to find a life of Balance that supports your family as a whole and society around you as a whole. Your big pay cheques actually come from the fact that you are being used to support a spiritually corrupt paradigm in our nations. Society will be graceful enough to you to support you through that change. You have to work on the brain energy and learning piece while it happens.

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