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Digital Decree #12 European Block to be Excluded from Australian Property Investment.

I want to start this decree by saying that you will see some hypocrisy in my decrees and writing. I will give you an example. In a recent Post I spoke Positively of Aldi, a grocery chain from Europe operating in Australia. No doubt it is an Ashkenazi Firm. Some would say such firms can scale from access to capital alone. But at the end of the day, it is true that the commercial models they employ were not used in Australia, and through its presence competition and value for consumers in Australia has improved.

I will essentially keep creating decrees until we have all the strength that our dominion over these nations deserves us. Until all parasitic elements are gone and destroyed. So as far as Ashkenazi Business, well the Germanic Ashkenazi, the Noahide Jews have a mountain of crimes to deal with. Their doing, Their business. However it is not my business to be here and speak of crimes that are not true, or to speak of things that are false. So if someone is actually in order and doing something good. So be it.

Regardless Germanic, Jewish Businesses Are not going to like this decree. I don’t care.

The Block I speak of is as follows, I will be coming up with a name for this block soon because they all seem to be deeply involved in the occult suppressive magic against our people.

Going forward Immediately, Individuals and Enterprises from the Nations of:

– Germany
– Switzerland
– Austria

Will be completely forbidden from holding freehold or any type of real-estate investment in Australia.

This includes Residential Land, Apartment Blocks or individual appartments, Hotels, Resorts, Rural land & Commercial property.

Any current land holders are to be given 12 months to liquidate that investment. The return from any land sales is to be given in part to the former owner or business to continue its commercial operations, and the rest to be held in accounts for settling debts for crimes committed against our people.

For the next century these three nations are completely forbidden from freehold or any other type of real-estate investment in our nations. All commercial operations or living arrangements are to be managed through rental agreements, the income of which is to be managed by those who have dominion over these lands.

Any corporations or individuals found to be circumventing these orders will face punishment.

The Level and Extent of Occult crimes that has come from these nations is too acute to forgive and their presence in our lands poses risks to our future. Rent will be their only option for the next century when they are present here. I expect to see this executed on over the next year and those found avoiding the order will be forced to comply.

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