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Digital Decree #3 Australia to become a protectorate of Christian People & Values.

In Australia we often use terms like multiculturalism. The risk of letting these terms define the totality of who we are is we become something someone else wants to create. Not what we are supposed to become. Thats such a powerful trick getting people to drop christian concepts and replace them with what is often little more than bunkum. On Words, as i’ve gone wiser as I hear media commentators use the word democracy, Im certain the dude writing the script thinks its a gag. That is the kind of the Magic i’m interested in. Im not interested in the masonic magic that renders us all goyim. Im interested in seeing the reward of at least trying to follow the word of the bible. In some of my writing I’ve been breaking the bible down in to what I would call reductionist medical scientific language. It’s a hard thing pushing the bible. People think they are being indoctrinated into droll lives. But one of the things I want to convey in this post is that Im not trying to present myself to the world as a preacher or a christian evangelist. What i’m trying to do is more practically speaking erase the darkness that has formed in our society by neglecting it. Or allowing forces in that try to erase it.

So Australia has been defined as a land discovered by English if indeed you do buy that oh so flimsy Captain Cook Chronicle. It has been defined as Modern and Multicultural. But what it will be defined as first and foremost going forward is Christian. The real reason I am saying this is like I said in another recent post – sometimes you need to just repeat to remind people.

So I have different obligations for example to promote Roman Catholicism. To be honest with you I don’t know how Christianity ever got so split and I don’t care so much about those splits. The main thing that we need to highlight is that Australia is first and foremost about christianity.

So some things I promote people may initially see as extreme. But in the experience I have dealing with other mens short comings of leadership – I genuinely believe that If I don’t put radical words to paper and both inform people of the extremity of the problems we face and also start taking action to remove the problem for our safety – then the consequences of poor preparation will in the long run be mine. But whether you like it or not there are groups of people who in Australia have proven they are not fit to live here or promote what ever it is they are promoting here. What they are really promoting is a curse net. And if it effects me it is going to effect you one day. Until that curse net or curse grid is completely gone people need to be dealt with until sufficient enough change can be seen.

More to Clarify What I want to see. This isn’t so much designed to see Australia where we are more often congregating in churches. It’s not about having the biggest Christian Ceremony. I don’t mind that stuff. Ill never be good at it myself. I do think it is nice that we stay in touch with those meanings and histories. But what I want to see is the Magic that will transpire in our nations every day if we communicate to the children, to men and women the true biblical meanings. What the bible wants us to become as people. What our ancestors desires were for us to reach in terms of our life experience. I want to see that manifest across generations during my life. It’s not going to work if we approach it all from formal christian church ceremonies. Thats not going to sell a christian future fast enough. SO it is not going to be about me in many ways. We are trying to build networks of good people. Who excel in terms of Wisdom, intent, biblical knowledge, purpose etc etc. It’s a give a man a fish scenario. So don’t take these kind of decrees to say “More Christian Church Ceremonies”. What i’m trying to say is lets make our people more christian in all that they do. If you have to teach people in your work about how the bible relates to their spine. Their Cranium. Its in the Bible. Guarantee it. So infuse the bible in to what we do casually.

So I look for My Outcomes in the light. So if we exceed in Christianity we will see more of it done tactfully, gracefully in all walks of life. Music, Medical, Business, Finance.

I find it really amusing talking with my elderly parents they have been so heavily conditioned to be complacent about things. People get queazy when you talk about christianity. You know I do as well. You’ve got to keep burying deeper into the bible and trying to make your work nicer…cooler…more clever. As you grow old as a man, its harder to be cool. Stop trying. Go for clever. The nice. Smart Clever. So pour the bible into your work, if you are a priest make you rituals more Biblically significant. See if you notice a difference of depth in your congregation. If you are a medical professional throw just one biblical reference in to your presentation. Pay Attention to who likes it. Who doesn’t. Figure out if thats because your work is low and shit. Or if maybe they have the wrong idea about the importance of these Christian concepts in our culture. Use the experience to refine your use of the bible in your own life and work.

Try to connect your being, your actions, your work to the word of god. If you succeed people will notice. You will shine and people will like you. They wont get that queazy christian feeling.

A small note to end on a way different topic. I don’t follow closely the politics of Nations like Scotland. The people of Scotland are Pale, Miserable in Nature and difficult to look upon for extended periods with the naked eye. When the Topic of Scottish Independence comes up I don’t say much because I could be saying the wrong thing. I think of Scottish Independence like the way i’m writing this post. If we could get all of the people thinking that way, that their independence comes from their own investment in wisdom, biblical knowledge and our peoples history & Customs that is how they will get Independence. Not petitioning in some formal political environment.

Stopping short of performing an actual on-screen exorcism. That is some guidance as to what we are building and where we can find answers to some of the problems that plague us. In Understanding what we are building. Re-calibrating. We are building Christian Nations. Lets just say its part of an old project some folks took up a while ago. But we are clear in all of our nations as to what we are building and we are clear in how to prioritise distractions.

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