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Digital Decree #4 Recognising Australia’s Native Populations as Endangered.

I want to be super clear about something. I’m not going to make a huge part of my life or work Indigenous affairs. I like the indigenous Australians. I believe their presence here is a Gift not a burden. But It is not my place to focus huge amounts of energy on their Cause. When I say Im not going to focus heaps of energy, I really believe having a bunch of white dudes ‘caring’ for indigenous affairs could just as easily do more harm than good. In some respects one of the things we need to do for these people is leave them the fuck alone. Give them peace. Give them opportunity to prosper off their own lands like they always have. In many respects we need to pull the same parasite off them that feeds on us.

From me I think as much as one post every 6 months on Indigenous affairs would be more than enough. The kind of stuff I love to contribute is when I can show a view of something that other people may not see or may not be willing to write about. I like the post we did on the Tesla batteries. I hope that helps people see. There are lots of people thinking about this issue. Some recent light has come through. There was a recent post in the SMH with the NSW police acknowledging targeting of young Indigenous Australians. That was one of the happiest days for me in weeks past. Please – more of that light. We know the truth about Indigenous treatment on these lands. We have grown up on them. With sense alone we know what has been done.

So in this decree I want to just make a few core points of guidance.

– Indigenous Australians need to be recognised across the world as a population endangered by corrupted European leadership.

– The Indigenous population is under 1,000,000. Our decisions during this generation are critical for their future. Lets ensure our lives and ambitions on these lands consider them.

– Please please please – if you do engage directly with Indigenous communities make it a two way street. There will be all kinds of people wanting to work with native Australians. It can’t just be about you taking language or culture. Please make sure you can give maybe sometimes in terms of material. Maybe sometimes in terms of reciprocating with wisdom or some other type of support.

– It is not uncommon to pick up the News Paper and see probably Saturn Cult journalists portray indigenous Australians as bad blood or low blood. As I’ve said elsewhere I don’t know if that analogy even applies directly to human blood. But I don’t believe Native Australians are any less of God’s people than we are. So please disregard Euro-Swine painting Indigenous Australian’s purple. They probably hold mining stocks.

So thats all i’m going to say in this Decree. The core of what I have said has already been said. Many times. Many ways. Many places. But for those men that get frustrated on our lack of progress in the world, know that that is part of the game. Continually re-enforcing the point until it is understood.

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