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Digital Decree #8 Beginning The World Wide Repatriation of Irish Citizens.

This Decree is to authorise the world wide repatriation of Irish Citizens.

Ireland is about to go through it’s judgement for it’s last 100 years of conduct across earth.

We ask all nations to permit the departure of Irish Travellers, Government Personnel and Corporate Workers, Industrial Workers etc etc. Essentially if they are outside the borders of Ireland on an Irish / UK Passport, they need to return now to be part of that judgement.

We ask Governments to make flights available for this process.

Nations That are repatriating Irish Citizens should not hold any concern for legal consequences coming from Ireland based Corporations.

We ask All nations to interrogate Irish Travellers before leaving just to be able to hold evidence about what their business has been in your nation.

Irish Beings across earth are bound by Blood Punishment orders for participation in occult crimes against our people. Any resistance from them their teeth are to be kicked through and throats slit. Same of their offspring.

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