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Foreign Policy TV To Create Decrees Index.

It has been Plaguing my mind how I can present or maintain my decrees in an organised way.

I have told you I am studying from the CJC. I don’t think Im going to read the whole thing. Im studying from a book called the Digest of Justinian. I think I am going to just get a good grip of it and then use it as a reference book.

Anyways, because I publish decrees in strange orders. What I am going to do is create an index. I don’t know if I announced this earlier but our decrees will start to go across our various sites. So if I want to do a medical Decree, it may end up on one of our medical sites.

Our Decrees Index will Exist Here and Foreign Policy will be the main cross site index.

This will give me a central place to organise my political thoughts and structure things like Economic Policy that I expect to see followed through on in our nations. Deprecated Decrees will be closed off and filed. Decrees will be amended. But people will see a central place where our political work is organised.

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