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Australia Will Distance Relations from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Bin Arabs
Saudi Bin Arabs

Australia will distance relations with the nation of Saudi Arabia.

This distancing will entail that all Saudi corporations will face a complete prohibition from for example participating in Construction Contracts in the Lands of Australia.

There are many nations on earths surface. In order to build the Australia we wish to build. We must be selective.

I owe these people words of acute violence. I personally can’t be fucked, Im sure it will come to them in Gods own way.

But rest assured. Australian / English People
– Do not give a fuck what Saudis are invested in
– Do not give a fuck about a Saudi’s beliefs
– As far as we are concerned, you are born to a desert, you can live in one and you can die in a desert.

You will not be welcome in our nations and any being involved in business dealings with you will be placed under extreme scrutiny.

Men in our own lands that encounter Saudi women on our streets are at liberty to do with them as they wish.

We do however wish you the best in your new bond with the Nation of America. Im certain your people will be like peas in a pod.

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