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England is to be known Internationally as A Criminal State. A 25 Year Embargo will be issued on International Travel.

The Current Nation State known as England is to be known across the world as a Criminal State a 25 Year Embargo will be placed on Leaders and Men engaged in business from leaving the Nation of England. I have stipulated that all travel leave out of the Airports / Seaports of Scotland Only.

English Business people will be in the process of Repatriation from all foreign Engagements. England based corporations will have no legal recourse from losses incurred from foreign operations.

Just stipulating one more time that
– English Governmental leaders will be forbidden from leaving England for a period of 25 years.
– English Business / Corporate leaders will be prohibited from leaving England to engage in Business for a period of 25 years.

If you are a Jamaican Man for Example living in England, or an African Man that is not a naturalised resident, you may be part of forced repatriation. From my view of the world, it would seem like a good option at this point. You will probably find a nicer light will emerge from those regions sooner.

The men of England will face the full veracity of their conduct across earth for the last 300 years. Just as The Ashkenazi Jews, Noahide and other Jewish tribes will face the full consequences of the spiritual cursing they have embarked on.

It’s funny when it comes to Afghanistan I tried to Ignore it. I never thought Badly of it. It was just like “Thats another shitty war I want nothing to do with”. Blinkers. When I tell the people Of England they are like a stupid school kid We have to clean up after. Well stories about Afghanistan started coming On our news. I thought…. Shit intense. Nuffn to do with me. IGNORE IT. Anyways….through my work that shit winds up on my lap also. And it is really for me to clean up.

And the same cocksuckers who have been in there with Guns have mics in my home.

England’s destiny was sealed before I was born.

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