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I have devised our first Kalmar-Australia Social Design Decree.

So this concept came to me a week or so ago. For all your info. I don’t have any particular relationship with Sweden. I don’t keep in touch with anyone from Sweden, nor do I even keep in touch with any of the Australians I was in Sweden with. It is all really a distant memory. However you take from memories that are good and you try and show other people what is good in the world and what is good to do. Sweden’s ‘Nation’ system influenced me in a positive way. It’s always impressive when you go to a new country or a new job and you see they have customs there that are smart and nice.

Thats why I decided to produce a set of Decrees called the Kalmar Australia Social Design Decrees.

One of the reasons I chose to travel to Sweden as a young man was because we were told they had a strong culture of learning and education. I think Australia has a problem that many have been afforded an easy lifestyle but never been pressed with challenges that require utility of the mind.

Anyways After roping myself into doing this a few nights after I was like WTF??? am I actually going to propose that is viable, and good and helpful.

And then something came to me, that actually ties in really nicely to other projects we are building.

So our first of those will come out in the next few weeks after other launch announcements. And hopefully after the first I have some concepts that may be light and easy.

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