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Why My Race Diplomacy Game is Strong + Moms & Pops + A Warning + The Solutions + Giving You People All the Answers Again.

This is not going to be a short one as you can probably tell by the title. Here we go.

So they try to trip me up on the black + white relations game and put me against Mexicans, African people + Im sure the list goes on. But my race card is Strong. Sure Issa Randall may try and tell yall that I once Labeled him a Negro. But Thats about as dark as it gets. Issa Survived Im pretty Sure.

When I was a wee small boy. Probably 6. Actually younger. 6 Is grade one in Australia. It was before grade one and Mum took me to the Local Tuckshop at School where I think she probably volunteered. At the School tuckshop there was a lady called Anna. I don’t know if Anna is still with us today but she was I think from PNG. Fuzzy wuzzy hair. Skin like the Blackness. I didn’t call her that but she was strongly positioned in the melanin stakes. So at that stage I looked up to Anna. It was my only option. I was about 2 ft tall. And as I looked up to her, she established the habit of sliding me jelly frogs. Not just any jelly frogs. Green and Red Jelly Frogs. You guys can probably tell that sliding youngsters green and red jelly frogs from an early stage comes with its consequences. But that was my earliest exposure to race. And I learned. If you are good with the dark chocolate greys. You just might end up scoring some jelly frogs. Anna was a friend of Mother and I and a friend that we always enjoyed spending time with.

My mum has always been good in that area. Sometimes she fucks up her politics. Sometimes she is weak in terms of map reading and cartographical correctness. But generally speaking she is accepting and not prejudiced.

Race Relations is not my fathers strong point. He is not really a hateful man. He just doesn’t understand the value in using his heart, mind and mouth the right way. We have tried a million times to correct it. That probably wont happen this life time. But keep in mind sometimes people form these ignorant views to protect themselves. His life hasn’t exactly been a cake walk. Imagine working in the back of a Garbage truck with an Oxy Torch in the Middle of the Australian Summer. Been there myself. Not a lovely days work but as he always said, where there is Muck there is Money. He just rolled up his sleeves and did what needed to be done to feed his family. I hope folks can forgive him for his shortcomings.

So the warning I want to give you in this story is that It is nice that we have a lot of dialogue going on in this area. What I feel the African people must feel based on some of the points that I have made, for Example the BBC’s poor attitude toward race. They must feel like they are at a shitty party. If I can sense it they surely can. But the warning is the dialogue and break throughs we are having now do not constitute victory. There are going to be many more hard times.

Here is what is going to happen. One ignorant man is going to play forceful bury the banana bandits. One indigenous youngster is going to think they are liberated and wind up in a motor bender while doing 300KM an hour and burning down some tree. All peoples energies are rising. We have to both make an environment that accommodates peoples rising energies whilst guiding those energies towards goodness.

What do we do when these horrible things happen. Its really easy. Correct the one offender. Never tar an entire race or population with a single persons poor judgement. That seems not only reasonable but possible.

This is a story I was going to save for much later but it fits now. If you have followed my work you would have known this but I have never told the story straight out. I have told you that when I was arrested they did a strip search which is really occult harassment. The people planned that 10 years prior. A bit bent in the bonce be the best description. Anyways the man that did that was Indigenous. Put it this way, if they can fuck our people in the brain and corrupt us they can do the same to them. So I never held that against the indigenous people as a whole but hopefully the indigenous people see that their prison oppression isn’t just about bad white people full stop. Its about letting ignorance and poor ethics creep into our society.

So I think that is the best approach. One Black or white or grey persons poor behaviour does not justify knees on Necks of whole populations.

More from the Digital Press coming Soon.

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