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Early Launch Announcement – CommercialProperty.TV

I built this years ago now. It is still a long way from from even being functional. Realistically Realestate Portfolios are the last thing on my mind now. But Im going to start using it for a number of things, mostly journalism on this topic.

I want to talk to you about some of the low hanging fruit when it comes to caring for these animal characters. I went to college in a town called Ipswich. At the time we were ashamed to say we went to Ipswich because it was the crummier town. I actually went to uni both at Ipswich and at UQ St Lucia in Brisbane. But anyways, from time to time Ipswich just really does some smart stuff and it makes me want to say to people, Oh yeah Ipswich….I went to school there. It’s like there must be people in that town with half a brain, which is 50% more than you could say of much of Australia.

One of the things that Ipswich does is that it doesn’t go crazy with fire works ceremonies every year that scare the animals. Ive just heard them take an alternate view on that in the news. And its nice when people do this themselves with no prompting that are wise and good for the environment.

I’ve got a story for inspiration. In hard times this story may give people the inspiration to keep going. A lot of the world you live in is about perspective.

What I want you to learn is that it is not always about money or building the biggest tower. It’s far more complex than that. If I wanted to just give you guys the end game I would say, ‘Invest more effort it the life trying to demonstrate to the universe you are a good soul than chasing material wealth. ‘

So please excuse this example for being so freakin obvious. Like I couldn’t have fabricated a more obvious example if I had tried.
But it Actually a Real Example. You will laugh. But i’m not making up these company names.

Just down the road from me in a town called Mooloolaba when I go for a walk there is a Real-estate Business called ‘Blue Moon Realestate’

Ok Im not going to bother teaching you the esoteric meaning of blue moons, if you ain’t got it yet you got study to do.

So you buy a property from these people. You live in in a beautiful unit on the front of the beach. You feel like a star right? You are dat mofo that lives in paradise where the sun b shining. You own your unit right. You got yourself a fly broad. Crisp shades. Beach towel. You run dis bitch.

Then one day you back hand bitch slap your broad like you was wearing your Connery Cap. Sean reckoned dat was OK. The Judge Disagreed. You loose your snazzy apartment and do dat prison sentence. 9 month of it. When you out damn. You lost your pad.


Well. Look back to the name of the place you bought your accomodations from.

So the learning is that your path toward security on earth is not just a cash transaction. Or even a contract.

That’s what the unique thing about CommercalProperty.TV is going to be. It’s not going to be about the transaction. It’s not going to be about the multimillionaire property holder. It’s going to be about making that market better for everybody’s lives and life styles.

Developments on this project will be announced around our network as they happen.


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