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Expanding on A Story With The Point.

I want to briefly expand on that story with A Point.

I talked about separating yourself from deceptions in that story.

I do it in my own life in my own financial affairs. Have been for years. If I see dark occult symbolism in a service I get away from it. If I see falsity I run. I try my hardest to take in goodness and output goodness.

But some things you can’t seperate from and are imposed on you.

So I want to make a point with Tesla. I have never had any commercial relations with them. Never worked for them. Indulged in their products. Supported their work. Never.

Yet they as a corporation Tax Me. They do so by taking data from me from their automobiles that are used as surveillance tech in our nations. They probably do the same to you. Im sure not everyone is tracked but they are using mobile tech and auto tech for their own corporate interests. It is not just consumer transport technology. It’s international corrupt military surveillance crime state technology.

I won’t comply with a corporation exploiting me on my own lands with zero engagement and zero consent. What foreign US And Israeli corporations are going to find that in this nation happy days are over. Anything that causes us inconvenience or unhappiness is going to be attacked and aggressively with the knowledge of how little consideration those people have for us.

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