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Lithium Ion Is Not The Solution to our Oil Problems. 

Its fairly evident that Lithium Ion Batteries are not going to be the solution to earths energy problems.

Being direct, Carbon Based batteries are probably going to cause similar problems to oil.

My general advice would be. If you can use LI Batteries to remove petrol applications from your home.
Yes do it. A very easy example would be removing petrol combustion gardening utilities from your home.
If you can go and spend $1000 for example on a brand new battery tools for your home….mowers, chainsaws,
Whipper snippers….
And that means you cut out one trip to the gas station a month…
Thats fine, Australia’s first goal will be to ultimately mothball and remove gasoline pumping and dispensation stations.

We will measure the reduction in actual fuel tanker loads travelling to Australia. For the sake of bio security / environmental security.

Keep in mind that if you support battery technology, we may see advancements in how batteries are made / it’s very modular tech.

So I would encourage you to begin a piece of your own lifes work. To try and optimize and secure the energy around your own being. You have to do a little study and research and become knowledgable.

Keep in mind you are being tested on your spirit. So it don’t matter if you can’t afford to go full energy independent next week. God is not going to shake you down for that. What matters is that you know what is good and bad. Right and wrong. And that you use your spirit to bring forward more rightness. I have been working on clean energy for myself and my family and it is hard.

I have some solutions now. Some will come in time. But if Australia as a whole embark on working on this. We will create a energy ripple across the whole earth that will have businesses, even nations aware of what we are working on. And Hopefully we will be met with the right attitudes and responses by nations we trade with so we can create the nation that we desire.

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