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Policy Outline – Australia Shut down Reboot is to focus on graceful negotiation.

This is a brief policy outline directed principally at Financial Services Institutions.

This Shut Down is most likely an event originating from my guess. My first Guess. Would be German Masonic Bodies.

I could be wrong. It may have come from America. Israel. England. Who knows it’s origin. But I don’t believe it’s intent is positive. I won’t sit here and write a lesson about the use of plague symbolism in Masonry. I won’t bother expressing my understanding of medical institutions use of these topics during times of rapid intergenerational societal change.

However – regardless of the esoteric concepts out of this there are going to be winners and losers. This outline is designed to give us a framework to manage the reboot process.

The main thing I want to express is that with all customers financial services institutions need to focus on compromise and graceful negotiation.

The outcome of Banking institutions conduct during reboot will be the principal guiding factor that determines if their operations continue or not.

During this time there are many people who are being spiritually tested. But there are also many people who are just trying to get by and live good lives.

All peoples who’s businesses have been asked to shut down should expect to be able to communicate with their bank and expect to be able to participate in a graceful negotiation. I would expect that negotiation to offer multiple stages and maybe be structured in some way. If that stage fails. Banks may take their own path, so may consumers. Consumers may resort to public disclosure of bank conduct or maybe legal action.

So the main thing I want to see is Graceful dealings between banks and every day people. In some cases it may require banks to curtail their hungry eyes for the sake of continuation of relationship. But I believe institutions that do not conduct themselves the right way will be punished.

I may flesh this out with actual process structure in the future but for the short term will just observe and hear what media communicates about individuals experiences dealing with banks.

This policy outline is being made because I believe this spirit of graceful dealings is something that is missing in Australia and something we need to ensure is baked into all banking institutions and contractual dealings as our society develops.

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