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Rebooting International Travel.

There are some points I want to make before diving into the topic of rebooting full blown international travel.

This kind of Granular guidance I don’t think will be the nature of my work. I won’t be making all of the decisions in this area and Im sure many other people will be guiding this reboot. The reason Im starting to tackle this now. Is that if I don’t the load will land on my lap when its too late. Ill be accused of being incompetent. Or Causing the slow down. So i’m going to put some words down now and keep watching.

With what Im seeing in news people in tourism are starting to get frustrated. So again I don’t want that to land on me for ineptitude.

So there are lots of people presumably lots of clever people managing international flights. Im not going to start manning the towers from my bedroom. But I think that the break gives us good clarity before rebooting.

– People In the Aviation business need to work on models that maximise inbound capacity but minimise Aircraft Noise and Time over Australian landmass. I would imagine that there are really clever solutions available for doing this. They are not going to come from me. One thing I found about traveling in Malaysia, I thought they did a good job of Bus travel over other nations. Thats a trinkety example. But whatever needs to be done to get the bums on the ground but keep the planes out of the air over landmass. Im sure some people in that industry will appreciate the innovation challenge. When it comes to aircraft noise. Animal Welfare and Indigenous Welfare are both issues. Continuous aircraft noise causes stress and lack of mental focus. So lets just not fling gates open. Lets capitalise on the break and try and do smart things during the reboot.

– There may be future shut downs. For example. I am going to write decrees that state that in the event of forced sexual assault undertaken by men of Any nations, the consequence may be the temporary termination of flights from that nation. That being after facing their sentence in Australia will be returned to their home nation and face the consequences of A their actions and B the economic consequences they caused. We are smart peoples and we have learned from this reboot that we can survive big changes. So lets make sure people know that if they come to Australia with the plan to commit abominations the consequences will reach far and wide. I don’t think its such a bad thing if Australia gets a bit of a sterner international reputation.

– I Think we should plan lets say a biennial shut down for Australia that lasts something like two weeks. Just so that we can always have the opportunity to remember what Australia is like as a natural land.

– We need to monitor international media and begin to grasp the social narrative coming out of nations before allowing flights to operate between those nations. You can probably tell that some nations are going through big changes now.

– We need to keep in mind that as well as resuming their relations with Australia other nations need to resume relations with a multitude of other nations.

So thats just a small primer. Im seeing tourism people saying they are struggling. There is no point in letting what is going to be a big social change let Australia go pear shaped. There are lots of good people getting ready to work again. As far as my role in the shut down. Any time there are people playing fuckery games on our streets their may be extreme consequences. I may make extreme calls. If people are to expect the luxury of travelling to our nations or forming a business in them they need to be sure when their feet are on the ground their conduct is civil and courteous.

My next post on this topic will be early next week and somewhat more granular.

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