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We are beginning to form a body of economic policy for our nations.

Do you ever feel like when the government references things like debt, that these figures have absolutely nothing to do with you are completely baseless and originate principally from fraud.

Well you would be right in feeling that. Most of what Governments and news media report as national Debt have nothing to do with you. What will happen to those debts is the corporates responsible for reporting them will be dissolved , the Jewish interests responsible for custodianship of our financial services institutions will be forcibly removed. We as a generation will be responsible for the management of revenues that are generated from within our nations and we will build our own body of economic policy.

None of my early decree work will have any bearing on the financial status of our nations. As in, no one is to be accounting for the impact of my decrees on our nations. This is because this work is being done to repel what is considered as an military style invasion from a malicious spiritual force that will be violently expelled from our lands.

So when the entirety of the scope of the economic policy that I have begun forming is implemented then we can consider our economic situation.

As Im sure you already feel in your heart. When you pick up the paper and read about debt, that is just the parasite. Pay no more mind to that news than you do piggers telling you about cannabis laws.

So my economic measures are only starting to come out through decrees. These will be included in our decrees index. And as it forms we will then trace back through our work to ensure all foreign corporations are compliant with our policy. Our first core policy relates to land arrangements of foreign businesses operating in our lands. But more are starting to come through and as we complete our policy more economic opportunities will be offered to peoples who have been curtailed by occult forces in our lands.

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