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Why are we asking the Nation of Scotland Immediately Play A Key Role as the International Flight Hub for the UK?

I will kick off this post by answering the question. Is it Nepotism or Family History anything to do with it? Not likely. I have not stepped foot in Scotland for probably 3 decades. Nepotism…..Oh I haven’t told you anything about the people of Scotland yet have I? Forgetful of me.

The people of Scotland are Pale. Have an Awkward Disposition. And can cause acute sensations of unpleasantness when the light of their being enters one’s Eye. The People of Scotland have reached such a level of Spiritual maturity that they feel outwardly comfortable expressing Biblically Dubious Sexual Orientations. The People of Scotland Are Heavily Invested In Cultural great works with the likes of Jack Black. The People of Scotland…..That’s enough for now.

It’s not a nepotism thing. It’s a test thing.

Why do I think Scotland Is a good hub for Transport Security for the Region. It is in the North and it will be optimal for transport relations between our friends in the Northern regions of Europe. Admittedly I know little of the fiscal implication of these changes but given the current scenario I think that means little. I think getting our people travelling and connecting again with security measures in place will be the most critical fiscal element. I’m not going to trouble my mind with the implications of AirLiner Fuel bills Am I. There are lots of reasons but in short I want tight security with trustworthy people.

It is a very positive thing that the lands of the UK reached a point where it views itself as a United Kingdom. However there have been bad elements, exceptionally bad elements in the UK. For a long time. That have survived and prospered and factually speaking been intertwined with forces all throughout the world. We have reached a spiritual tipping point where those elements will now not survive long term. What we need now is Security. Im not going to detail that in this post but the next.

So Its a test.

What happens If Test Passed. Test Failed?

Test Failed: If test failed medium to short term. What will happen is this. The Flag of Scotland will permanently be embossed with the likeness of Tilda Swinton. It will be Permanently Named Tilda Swinton’s Scotland. The Children of Scotland will all be initiated into the Mysteries of Tilda Swinton. Where they have to ascertain through the practice of meditation and the working of our sacred decoding arts if Tilda Swinton is Tilda Swinton. Or if Tilda Swinton is David Bowie.

Test Passed: If test Passed then Maybe One Day Scotland and Its people will be Part of Nova Scotia. Tilda Also. Maybe. Just Maybe. Nova Scotia Is just off the Coast of Canada. David Bowie will not be Joining Us.

I don’t personally monitor Scottish news and I’m really not that on top of the situation on the ground over there. It is very hard to cut through all the media and mumbo Jumbo and get a real sense what is happening on the ground. But I find through the miracles of modern media, despite how much masonic trickery fills our media, with a little effort and research you can still derive a sense of what is happening on the ground.

So what I will be detailing in the next post is, that what I wish to happen is that 100% of International flights for the time being until the narrative is more compelling leave from Scotland.

More soon.

Again I never expected to be managing things at this level of detail. But all I can do is put out to the universe and see how it responds.

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