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Brief On Homeschooling

This Is A General Advisory That Parents Who Currently Send Their Children To Government Public Schools And Private Schools To Consider Going Through A Period Of Home Schooling.

Our People Have Decided As You Can Probably Establish From Our Media, To Undertake A Violent Forceful Purge Of Bad Spirited Suppressive Cults From The Lands.

During Times When Negative Spirit Entities Are Challenged And Purged. It’s Not Uncommon For Them To Respond With Violence Or Seek Vengeance.

I’ve Suggested To People Before. They Have No Obligation To Send Children To School And Are At Liberty To Home School Children.

We Would Suggest Periods Of Home Schooling, Access For Children To Online Video Link Education And Online Entertainment. And A Schedule Where Parents Take Children To Extra Curricular Activities Where They Can Mix With Teachers And Friends With Basic Oversight.

We Appreciate That All Parents Want A Normal Life, But There Comes A Time Where Christians Do A Little Sanitisation Themselves.

All Aspects Of Jewish Mind Manipulation, Deception And Mental Abuse Will Be Removed From Our School Curriculum.  From The Beginning Of Education We Will Develop Strong Minded Children Capable Of Countering Light Manipulation And Abuse.


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