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Did Pacino’s Play Acting Render Service to the Italian People or did he sell over to another force.

Because I Scan a lot of media. I get these bizarre intuitions on what the jew cult try to erect as far as deceptions, exploitations, abuses and so on.

I have a few examples but because they are about sex, maybe a bit too crude for this post. (Yes the Jews Practice the Abuse of your Sexual function as a human.)

I don’t know. What’s a deception a jew cult erects in front of your brain.

Maybe a simple example is Christmas. You enjoy it as a child. When you are a teenager you think its tacky.

By the time you are grown you know its a full blown jew joke.

So what deception or brain fuck do you think I am contemplating on with Pacino. I’ll say directly.

It’s the Mafia image of Italian People and Italian men. Do you think that is a purposefully projected image
of Italian Families?

Look I will spare the facade for you at the early stages of this post. Young Italian Men Are Dickheads. Too horny. Not considerate enough of young women. They need to pick up their act. I don’t think that Italian Men grow that way though. I don’t think they stay that way.

Why are Successful Italian Families always portrayed Mafiosos? I won’t pose the question. I’ll tell you the answer. It’s a construct promoted by the Jew Pig Cult to attack our people. There isn’t all of this Mafia Bullshit on films and netflix for no reason.

Ill tell you guys a bit about my grand pops and great grand pops on my Italian side.

They both loved gardening.
They were all devout christians.
They all were wise.
They all made their own medications.
They all cared about human health.
They Studied the Bible.

I won’t write a long self flattery list but you get the essence, they weren’t flimsy fold up people.

But they didn’t just go around breaking peoples legs or throwing them off piers. Not unless of course it was absolutely necessary.

So the working of turning influential traditional Italian families into mafioso. Is exactly that. A deep purposefully constructed occult working. From my experience in an Italian Family, the construct of Mafia is so far from the reality of what the Italian Family is. Its clearly a construct designed to remove the power from Italian individuals and pass that power back into corporates, Jew mind poison governments and the media barons openly profit from brain bonking.

So why is this such an abomination.

You think I should be courteous to Al Pacino Because He turned down Minions don’t you? You think that Al Pahino’s foresight to turn down Minions is like a good mark on his record or some bullshit like that don’t you? Maybe It Is.

But the power and influence of Hollywood magic. Broadcast across the minds of millions of Europeans, Asians and Mexicans. People start thinking a bit funny about Italian Men. All the people think Italian men Snort Coke and Conduct their business with a Beretta. I don’t know, I don’t think Its the character and nature of Italian People. Another truism would be that if our men ran around nations and did chalk up all of their accomplishments through the use of a beretta. They by default would not succeed in our society. Just like I said of me and Britain, The deep European occultism is still complex to me. Well I think Italian old roman society is the same. Their Occultism is deep, subtle, beautiful and complex. Success for Italians doesn’t and never has come from accomplishing scale in whack jobbery.

If you allow yourself as an actor to have other beings use your being to create or render light that is against the service of your own people. I would ask this of Pahino’s work. Did he give himself over to a force that Sought to cube the image of the grecco-roman blood lines. Make the modern incarnation of these peoples dim lusty thugs with superficial power, wealth and horribly short temper. Have our people fallen short on understanding who we are and the depths of our own cultures and ways.

Maybe Before Al Pacino Dies he needs to do some research in to how our people used to portray our families. It’s a really simple short phrase. And you’ll find a ton of work by our people beneath it. Try ‘The Holy Family’. I don’t know. I haven’t actually Studied Pacino’s work in Total like I have for some other actors. But I can’t easily pick the film where I go “Ohh Thats the Pacino Flick with the classic greco-roman holy family vibe”. I don’t remember that film.

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