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A Small Super Scooper Update.

So I am going through the process trying to access my super. That is ultimately money I have earned already. And is saved compulsorily by the government for retirement.

I just wanted to let you know how they try and do you each and every time you contact the government.

So I used my birth cert as ID and I kind of said to them, Im a christian. At the age of majority we drop our Surname right? So ill give you my christian name.

Well what the guy asked me was, can you tell me a bank that you have earned interest from? So they try and establish benefit earned by you from using their monetary system. Yeah I can tell you a bank I earned $2.50 interest from shit head. Let me guess. That gives you the right to pop me in an orange onesie? Cause Dutch say so?

So thats how they try and do you. They will never try and relinquish their authority over you.

Anyways the call on the whole achieved its target and I have my application in to withdraw from that fund. Will let you know how I go.

What I will be doing later is writing decrees to nullify some historic legal precedents and mechanisms and ensure as people work toward dominion legal loopholes are not exploited to suppress individuals rights freedoms and progress. Ultimately if we are throwing the word Christian around we need our societal institutions to be aware of the legal processes that are innate to coming of age as a christian. We need to get people through these processes in greater numbers, if and only if they are willing to invest the spiritual strength to show they will study gods words and aim to adhere to it.

Please for the love of god if you take money out of your super don’t spend it on gambling, drinking or anything stupid. Please please please for the love of god. It is time to use your money to strengthen your position, heal yourself relax and destress.

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