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Outlining the Structural Fraud Within the Superannuation Industry.

Hopefully I can cover this Quickly. I don’t think you need to be a bazooka surgeon to comprehend the structural fraud Im trying to get across. Im not even going to paste a screen shot.

I looked at my Super account. The break down of share investments. I won’t detail the whole spectrum, but just imagine a break down between:

– International Shares
– Australian Shares
– Other.

So in that break down the Super Fund Managers have 36% in my account allocated to Australian Shares. That is never a number I take lightly.

So that as the default share distribution really means just this.

The Super fund managers have just a big Syphon over the Australian people first sucking their wealth and energy into their funds, and then syphoning that money to themselves through the Australian Share Market, which they presumably see as a poor investment.

A poor investment because the ASX business community is full of worthless lawyers, accountants and spineless low born Jew swine who know little about caring, creating and contributing.

Men within the Financial Services industries in Places such as London, New York, Israel, Germany, Switzerland and Austria May Be Subjected to Blood Punishments for their intent toward the Australian People. I will be specifying a range of punishments for these nations intent and spirit within industries important to our people.

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