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Why Senator Richard Di Natale is so right about Cannabis but so wrong about Banking.

Senator Di Natale
Senator Di Natale

We don’t really need to spend a lot of time explaining why Senator Richard Di Natali is correct in his calls to make radical changes to Australia’s position on Cannabis. Anyone with compassion in their heart and with a desire to see a radical change in the condition of humanity and the future progress of Australia would feel the same way and call for change.

But why was the Senator so wrong with his views on the future of Banking in Australia?

Here is why.

In a recent speech at the National Press Club Di Natale called for a Peoples bank to be established. The problem with his proposal was that he suggested that the bank would be operated by the RBA.

What is the problem with this? Our recent judgement in the Court of light renders the reserve bank of Australia a criminal institution. The RBA’s association with modern corporate Australia and historical institutions who worked toward the destruction, enslavement and suppression of humanity implicates it in the most serious crimes.

While the current banking royal commission was embarked on by the government with reluctance what we should really be seeing is a commission questioning the RBA about their participation in crimes against humanity and the forced suppression and exploitation of the Australian people.

While people are quick to dismiss anyone who embarks on the topic of the Rothschilds and the Reserve banking system as conspiracy theory, I don’t believe these people and institutions are distant from the reality of what has created the Australia that we live in today. For example, I myself worked under contract for the Westfield Corporation. That same corporation embarked on share market transactions between its US and Australian entities that were managed by the Rothschild banking group. So spare me the talk of conspiracy theory and allow me to see justice for historical conduct come to the fore.

How deep and dark these crimes truly are I do not know the specifics of. However I believe that as custodians of the Media Systems, Medical, Legal and Religious systems, their intentional practice of the inversion of human nature and tendency to use these systems to have humans prey on other humans, using the term genocide when describing the previous generations leaders of the Masonic Order, Medical and Legal Institutions and Reserve Banking systems is not excessive, over exaggerated or done simply for political effect.

Can the origin of the immense corruption humanity have witnessed in its social institutions be traced back to a Loan the House of Rothschild made to the Vatican in 1832. Did the Rothschilds under license from historical leaders of what might be described as the Roman Empire force corruption upon these institutions as part of their expectations for the repayment of these loans. The extent of the corruption these arrangements resulted in is truly horrific and extends to acts such as pedophilia, child rape, enslavement and only god knows what else. This would seem to correlate to the same corruption other Nations such as England and Australia have witnessed in our traditional institutions of nobility, which seem to arise from contracts holders of positions of nobility entered into with the house of Rothschild. These agreements do not seem to have been made by the Rothschilds to bring forward the growth of decency and strength in humanity but instead to corrupt and weaken humanity as a whole, an initiative that even the casual observer would suggest is still being undertaken.

While Senator Di Natale is Hip to the Fly when it comes to his Herbalism. He is still a little outdated when it comes to his position on financial institutions. Maybe he needs to get a little more with the times. How about some Block Mason Credit Protocol Mr Di Natale?

So instead of Australians witnessing Cannabis Raids on the homes of Mothers and Fathers caring for children what we should really be expecting to see is raids and seizures within the Federal Reserve Bank of Australia, the Supreme Courts of Israel and the broader bricks and mortar Masonic Lodge system in order to hold the perpetrators of these historic crimes accountable.

So Australian politicians clearly need to invest more energy in historic and esoteric research and improve the depth and efficacy of their recommendations.

As for the institutions this post describes, they seem to think they have been free to attack the minds, liberties and ethics of the Australian people and escape without any type of consequences. I think it is unlikely they will get away with their crimes. But Thems the Breaks. Thems the falls. That’s what they get. For making House Calls.

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