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CBD.TV Founder To Form Thai Incorporation.

This Just A Short Post To Say We Have Decided To Form A Thai Corporation.

Im Not In A Huge Rush. I Will Consult With People As I Travel Through Bangkok.

Im At The Point That I Trust Thai People Enough To Form A Company Here.

This Year As I Travel Im Not Going To Be Focused On Attending Formal Business Meetings Of Any Kind.

My Journey In Thailand This Year Is Mostly About Friends, Family, Study, Culture, Travel & Having An Enjoyable Time.

But I Think Over Time If In Some Capacity We Do Trade With Thais And We Do Have Exchanges With Thais It Will Be Helpful To Have A Formal Vessel To Channel Transactions Between Our People.

I Don’t Believe in Forming Lots Of Incorporations. I Believe With Just 1 UK Company Entity You Could Build Billion Dollar Businesses. So Why Form Heaps Of Companies?

The Nature of The First Business I Am Going To Build Is A Resort, Realestate & Travel Business That Books And Rents Resort Spaces or Homes And Appartments That Are Completely Built Of Bamboo.

Like I Have Said To You Before I Don’t Believe It Is Entirely Needed To Be The owner Of Land In Order To Prosper From Land. So As We Build Business, Trade And Family Relationships In Nations Such As Thailand And Laos. I Won’t Be Looking To Enter Contracts Or Business Deals That Entail Ownership Of Land.

I Think It Is A More Gracious Way To Start The Relationship And After A Few Years Pass See What Happens.

I Will Be Producing The Gateway Site For Our Bamboo Resort / Home Booking Enterprise Over The Coming Months. The Site Will Offer Bookings And Travel Experiences In Nations Such As Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Japan And Many Other Nations.

We Will Integrate With A Variety Of Tour And Travel Platforms To Generate Our Digital Product.

More News Soon.


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