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Foreign Policy TV Publisher calls for Despicable me creators to cease stalking activity.

So if you wonder how shows like despicable me are created it is basically a bunch of Israeli Defence Force people stalking you around and harassing and assaulting you and then kind of portraying you as ignorant on screen.

So they instigate all of this stuff. But they do it by tracking your computer activity. For example, you are watching something on youtube, then based on that they frame a scenario in public. It gets really bizarre, no it gets really sick. The fact of the matter is that our people have birth rights in regards to life transitions. We are not meant to be born into a nest of Saturn cult trannies. Those Jews that participate in curse cults all need to be removed from our nations. All of them. Those people don’t belong in our nations and are not welcome in our nations.

So from me Ill make it clear once again that I have nothing to do with the creators of despicable me. But what I want is the people behind it to cease from stalking, tracking or following me. The makers of despicable me, any contractors or employees that have any association with the production are covered by defence execution orders. They are part of cults whose primary interest is cursing our people. People that have had an association with this production are implicated in child abuse through media manipulation and occult activity that is considered illegal in Australia. I also believe that we will find that the people behind surveillance and quasi military activity in Australia in corporations like Google are closely linked with Studios like universal pictures. Like Google – the Universal Pictures corporation have no rights in Australia and have no future. They will soon be added to defence execution orders as a whole corporation – as a corporate that has failed to engage with our nation in a level and honest way.

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