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Telling The Story with no Synopsis.

It’s kind of hard to explain what we do as media.

I always try to innovate. One of the things I have long meditated on is how can I get away from curse computing systems we are all connected to.

How can I rely Less on the internet.

In Some ways I have almost solved it. I say to myself, I could technically and theoretically rule the world with an email list of 3 people. I don’t think people even conceive deeply enough to understand how the universe works. So all the carl juice wine types play games and jokes with money and budgets, but over time you kind of solve it. I could almost run everything I need to to have advanced communications for $100 a year. So if you get better at what you do physically. Faster output. Cheaper Production. Smarter systems. You really need less budgets. It is getting super cheap to build a lot of stuff.

So I don’t ever really need to worry about kissing butt for budget. Because I Can build everything I want for peanuts. That means I can be 100% focused on desired outcome. I’m not even worried about your next chess move. Don’t mean shit to me. Thats a milestone for a creator. The word I admire most of creators is prolific. I’m kind of getting there. Not everything I output is great. But At least I can output. Thats not easy when it comes to creating. Its like me and music. I can kind of do it when I push myself. But it doesn’t flow out of me. I don’t have a bunch of Albums in me. With computer work I kind of got there in terms of output.

I aim to tell the story with no synopsis. Not every person is going to like it. But when you try to preach spirit, thats the destination. A story with no synopsis. If we did live in a world where people acknowledged their wrongdoing, where people backtracked on their lies the story would be cleaner. So As I publish my media and think every day about what I am trying to achieve. I guess thats the goal. You have to reach deep in terms of Historical Research.

I will close this by giving you a hint based on someone else I watch. That Glossa Channel Guy. Bromley Steward. There is some force in his life saying to him ‘What are you pitching to the world, Where do the problems come from, how are you going to solve it’ – That force is sticking a camera in his face and taking his time. But has he got it all right? He has concluded that Justinians work is the basis for all deception in our realm. I would suggest that is not the origin of the deception. But life will do that to you. Call it life. Call it a Mason. Call it what you will.

What are you pitching? Are you accurate? Is this true of history and the correct narrative of our people? If you are right doors open. If not they probably just let you sit there and keep on yappin.

I do my best to tell the story with no Synopsis. Im not all the way there yet. But It is getting easier so I will keep going.

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