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A Five Minute Head Start – What I would do for my safety if I was Ashkenazi Jew in Australia.

What we are going to see in the coming years in Australia is that for example Pharmaceutical corporations that have been running in Australia will come under extreme scrutiny. I believe that as communications from bodies like governments and corporates leak we will find great shortcomings in the level of consciousness we should have expected in these people.

I will be publishing more stuff on Jewish communities in Australia and what their game is. What you typically experience working with them and why they are a concern to businesses in Australia.

But a heads up – if you want to know the truth about our people it is that we hunt our enemies more aggressively than a Jew hunting a Nazi.

But here is what I would do If I was you. There is going to be nothing that you want to achieve in Australia that is going to be made easy for you.

So I would
– Return to Israel
– Return to Europe
– Return to Germany

You wouldn’t believe that I have authority in Germany would you? Germany? I won’t go into how I came to that conclusion. I travelled through there once and the Swedish people I was with told me that Germany was just a big Grey drizzly place you had to go through to get to better places. They were right. But Im not going to know anything about or do anything about Germany for a long time. So go there.

In short though we are not going to be wanting a bunch of Euro Ashkenazi in Australian Banks, Hospitals, Media companies or Government buildings. Because as people you are dishonourable. And a danger to the continuity of our people. And what has been done between generations in nations like England as far as media broadcasting and communications is a massive crime.

Based on the systems your people are trying to implement in Australia what you have in your near future in our nation coming to you is a kicking. In the coming weeks I will be publishing
– Decrees to exclude Ashkenazi from particular work types in Australia
– Decrees to limit certain activities of Ashkenazi in Australia
– Guidance on places where Australia should seek to populate its hospitals staffing requirements from.
– Some of the first soft punishment measures for Medical Bodies that have been involved in evident crimes.
– Guidance on how to identify Ashkenazi in Australia

So if you are Jewish and you have a family in Australia that is where I would go as a starting point. Jews found enforcing laws that are associated with the multi decade crimes against humanity that have been undertaken in Australia may be subjected to blood punishments.

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