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Australia Will Eliminate Compulsory Voting.

It Is Valuable That Nations Have Political Systems.

However Realistically It Should Only Exist If People Have Belief In The Value Of The System.

The Australian Political System Is At Present Corrupt And Comprising Mostly Of News Narratives That Entail A Cult Attempting To Cast Hexes Using Numerology, Lies, Fraud & Occultism.

The Truth About This Nonsense Is That Most Of It Will Become Undone. People Don’t Realise That Just Casting Hex Numbers To A Major News Publication Doesn’t Have Any Tangible Effect On Gods Creation.

Such People Don’t Realise There Are Entire Communities Of People Looking Down On Them, Mortified By The Extent Of The Fraud Governments Perpetuate.

As Is Often Covered In Popular Media Coverage, The Origin Of The Word Government Is Mind Control Or Curtailment. If You Run A Decode On The Shortened Word Gov, As Used For Example On The Australian Government Website Or By The Domain Extension. We Would Read It As A Suppressive Shit Pipe.

Realistically There Is Greater Value In Our People Participating In The Realm Of Spirit Than In Government.

It’s Not Like One Will Disappear And Completely Replace The Other.

However Due To The Acute Transgression Of Our Elders In Ignoring Our Peoples Traditional Spiritual Rights Of Passage And Endeavouring To Essentially Block Paths To Life. Paths To Continuation Or Flow Of Spirit.

It’s Critical That The Conversation About Voluntary Voting. Becomes A Mainstream Public Conversation. And The Saturn Raping Of Fines And Legal Process For Choosing To Abstain From Voting. Be Eliminated. And That As Our People Come Of Age, They Choose If A Political Process Or System Is Viable Or Valid Enough To Participate In. Or If They Would Prefer To Invest That Time, Money And Energy In Their Own Works And Spiritual Practices.

I Hope That People Can Pick Up This Thread And Cease Australia’s Habit Of Politics And Government by Force.

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