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Donald Trump is the Last President of Babylon.

Donald Trump President of Babylon
Donald Trump President of Babylon

Decoding esoteric and occult symbolism may be one of the most important skills you can learn. I have made business decisions purely on the meaning communicated by potential business associates logos.

This post is about what I have been learning by decoding the esoteric and occult symbolism behind Donald Trump.

The Most Disgraceful thing I have seen Donald Trump do during his presidency is promote KFC. It was at that point I realised that it was unlikely that he was the great saviour humanity are hoping for.

And since then, everything that seems to be positive action is a reaction or a deception.

For example, you could take the summit with North Korea as a positive. But when you inspect the realities of the scenario, the vast majority of what we are told about Nuclear weapons and Nuclear history is a deception. So the fact that he has denuclearised North Korea is neither hear nor there. On the surface a positive but in reality a nothing accomplishment.

And his changes to the unpopular polices with migrants in the US they seem very reactionary. It is almost as if he tries to get away with doing horrible things but when popular opinion dictates he changes his policies out of need.

We can also assure you that those in the practice of tyranny are not going to go away. They are only going to refine their acts of tyranny. They are going to try to make their acts of deception more convincing.

So if you are sitting back and waiting for Trump to do something really good. Something really great.

We have bad news for you.

That is not going to happen.


Because Trump is the President of Babylon.

How can we tell? Through the symbolism that is used in his Media.

The image adorning this post for example is Trump signing something in front of an inverted pentagram featuring the Statue of Liberty, a depiction of the roman goddess Juno Moneta.

To get a better understanding of this read our post on the occult meaning of Money.

But the inverted pentagram tells us that Trump is participating in the inversion of human nature, the inversion of goodness, the inversion of God’s creation. And Juno Moneta tells us that he is ruling in Babylon.

The manifestation of this can be seen in the fact that for example the President’s first state of the Union entailed discussion of primarily falsified or simulated masonic events. A world ruled by people of false light.

So don’t get lazy and think to yourself that Trump is doing some good stuff, therefore he is good enough. Tyranny prevails even if we are lazy in achieving our objectives. It seems evident to me now in analysing the symbolism behind Trump that what we will see on the surface is goodness but what will happen in the background is tyranny.

So how do we know Trump is the last president Babylon?

Because we are here to destroy Babylon.

And there is no chance that we will fail in this undertaking.

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