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Foreign Policy TV to Expedite and Expand Publishing of Self Defence & Open Execution Orders.

This is a short post to announce that we are set to expedite the publication of Execution orders on individuals involved in activity that is harmful to the future of our own people in our nations.

For the people who we have published execution orders on, Im keenly aware of the fact that they do read our work and they are aware of our work. What we need to see from people who are covered by open public execution orders is that they
– Improve the spirit of their work
– They seperate from rendering service to Jewish cults that can be identified.
– They increase their personal scrutiny of their own work and words. Because at the end of the day every man that reads a script has the choice and if they make the choice to read the script, they wear the consequences of those words.

This expedition of purging and execution orders will be upheld until level and civil dealings return to the lands of Australia.

As far as the lives of Jewish people in Australia, they are not protected. If the men of Australia need to purge bad elements with force it will be done.

I do believe in the words of the bible that thou shalt not kill. But when faced with elements in Australia who seek our death, we need to be explicitly clear. This nation is ours and if lives need to be taken they won’t be taken as vengeance or malice. They will be taken as a message and as a warning. Think of it as education.

But for us its just a simple process of identifying people who have be involved in maliciously intentioned work in particular for protracted periods of time. We inform these people through execution orders that they are operating at a level that is not substantial enough for our nations and that their lives are no longer protected on the streets of our nations.

For us the Christian Leaders of Australia we have free passage through all streets and towns. For me personally Im always stalked and tracked which makes life unpleasant. However through the provision of these purging and execution orders we will take back Australia as a nation and ensure that the cults that operate in this nation learn how to conduct themselves.

When the beings who are covered by these orders have:
– Changed their ways
– Atoned for sin
– Been subjected to a suitable punishment.

The orders will be removed.

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