France and USA to Adopt Billions in Liabilities for participation in Occult Targeting & Harassment programs.

Adoption Programs
Adoption Programs

Ever since I returned to Australia I have had this weird police stalking activity going on. Having travelled the world and had no encounters with police at all it was strange. There is some peculiar attempt to steal our ….lets just say it….lives. With occult targeting, police harassment and technology.

I don’t like the term ‘Targeted Individual’. It doesn’t leave much room for hope. I mean, if you are anyone that tries to accomplish something in life you are going to have people try and stop you. It is like the term “Slut Shaming”, no one wins when the term is used.

I am pleased however to inform you that Saturnian Cubes have nothing to do with occult forces harassing people but are instead related to a level of consciousness one can achieve naturally and a deeper relationship beings can connect to with what you might call holy vibrational frequencies or consciousness that exists beyond Saturn. Policing and Governmental forces as well as cartoon creators are obviously mis informed and have been lead astray as to the true meaning of these esoteric concepts.

It’s funny when you start decoding light, you get a sense of peoples intentions and levels and depth. If they miss the mark you can call them out. A few things occurred to me about the despicable me series which seems to be a work created between the french masonic orders and media bodies in the USA. And I don’t think they have the right idea about how certain things should be managed in masonic initiation of people and I ultimately think what is being done is very dangerous and could lead to the loss of life. Maybe however that is their true desire and intention.

Funnily enough when I was researching this article I asked myself, “I wonder what the etymology of the word harassment is??”. Ment (Mente) relating to mind. Harass “to lay waste, devastate” or “to vex by repeated attacks,” or “tire out, vex”. So our bible tells us that heaven is separated from earth with a firmament (A strong mind). This illustrates exactly what these targeting programs are about. They want to throw you off your course, literally destroy your mind and prevent you from inheriting what the word of the bible grants us. God’s kingdom.

As far as I am concerned no body ever told me what I was supposed to be or going to be in life. I never got a polite tap on the shoulder or note under the door. I just figured it out myself. And you’ll notice that despite this and being constantly and repeatedly screwed by financial institutions, government and police forces I am still suitably prepared. The Garden is a healthy one.

All French and US beings that face the same misplaced occult targeting and deal with police harassment or prison time should be included in compensation programs.

All French corporations mining operations, government relationships, policy and security relationships with Australia will be placed under review.

The saturnian parasites that infest our humanity obviously track us at every level.

They may have targeting and stalking technologies but I have at my service the Angel of Death. And I have spilled my own blood as a selfless sacrifice so that it may come forward and feast on the wicked and corrupted men that are here to debase and destroy our humanity. The Gates to the Bottomless Pit will be flung open.

The long winter has broken and people from all across the lands of earth have been called forward to spill their blood over their divine intent and confirm their intention to bring forward heaven on earth. The souls of those entrusted with the leadership of humanity have been weighed. They have NOT PASSED THEIR JUDGEMENT.

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