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How Security will work for Air Travel out of Africa.

I am going to request that travel outbound from Africa only takes place from two nations in the North. One being Egypt the other being Morocco.

I understand that the City of Port Said has always been a sea port.

The Airports and sea ports of these nations will be the only way out of Africa.

I am going to request that all of our nations embark on a full deportation of All African Migrants and residents and that the only way that they be welcomed back into our nations is by passing testing that will allow them through those ports.

Unfortunately because of the Jewish influences that have been present in our nations many African people who are not yet spiritually ready will have been allowed into our nations.

This is unfortunate business but as the full extent of the occultism that the black men living in Australia have been a part of sinks in it is required.

These ports and airports will not be governed by documentation but masonic testing.

As far as showing consideration to Black people, as you have probably already noticed, African Americans have lost my consideration and are on their own.

Australia has significant populations of Native Black People.
Pacific Islanders
Torres Strait.

Unfortunately African Migrants are not a high consideration at this point. They will be when they demonstrate from within their own lands that they are of a high enough spirit.

It is your own conduct that has required me to correct mine.

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