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Is it wrong to completely eradicate Judaism from your life perspective?

No. It’s not.

Masonry is full of tricks. I like studying religions. Ive always been like that. I visited so many buddhist temples in Asia it’s not funny. I’m open to different religions. But what you often find when you study religions is that some of the characters are just creations. Some of the religions are entirely masonic concoctions. Judaism could be that right? Bunch of strange customs and rules. Frankly speaking i’m just not interested. I like picking up little bits of Hebrew here and there. But I almost believe that some Buddhist belief systems are really masonic creations, Judaism also as a religion may be a concocted side show.

Most of what they tell you about Jewish stuff is bullshit. Most of what they tell you in Masonic Manuals is bullshit. It’s deep biblical symbolism concealed. Just study the bible, you are a lot better than fucking around with quackery. I even find it hilarious when I was studying one of the books of the bible and it said “The Book was written in Greek, Found in Alexandria and is Jewish.” HAHAHA. Yeah sure. Sounds Jewish.

So ultimately in life we are all responsible for our life choices including religion. So if you want to walk head on into a trick, thats your whole choice. What ever it is with Judaism and Israel they do a good job of polishing it. They make you feel like there might be more power there. Im just not interested in looking. Im not going to fuck around and waste my time reading the Talmud. Probably just sick Babble.

I have a deep understanding of human nature. It is lovely that one human quality is that it seeks to get along with people. When People approach Jews and Jewishness they do so with the desire to make friends or partners. Its a nice human quality. But Its sad when I see that quality, that same quality cause people suffering because they have an enemy that seeks to kill them with a million fractional paper cuts. Over the space of their shortened lives.

I wouldn’t advise people to have sympathy for Jewish Causes or Jewish People. I would say the Jewish story is one of the greatest Psychological manipulations of our time. The Jewish People will feel the suffering of their spiritual lies. There is nothing we can do about that. Thats their making.

I think really deeply about this stuff and one of the things I question, you wouldn’t believe this. On The KJV 1611 They use the Hebrew Tetragrammaton on the front cover. My Hebrew isn’t strong enough and I would study that concept deeply to try and guide if that is an appropriate representation or projection of holiness of godliness that we should be worshiping. In Wikipedia it tells us that YahWeh Is a concept that came from the iron ages.

So thats the best way to put it guys. Plenty of people are atheists and claim their right to believe nothing. Ultimately if you are going to make your life choice a time comes when you need to narrow yo self so you can make it through that narrow gate. I’ve studied enough on Judaism and with that minimal study give it little credit. Don’t give your life over to a shallow trick. It really may be just that. A slight of hand. You might find that some of the religious tradition in deep Judaism don’t work as far as caring for all humanity. But at the greatest spiritual heights that is understood. And Judaism like SpaceX, is just another big filter basket.

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