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Israel is the Dumping ground for the Jew Pig Cult

Sometimes people think you are being hateful when all that you are being is truthful. When it comes to media and censorship we should be clear in stating that there is no problem in being hateful toward things that are hate-able. Mainstream media censorship will never change that.

But some things we express may be perceived as hate. When in reality all we are expressing is fact.

I spend a lot of time studying symbols. 

If you don’t begin to learn symbolic communication, numerology you are lost because you are walking through a world full of meaning with no guidance.

Everything on earth is labeled. The status of the present day Israel is obviously one of the big masonic mysteries that has existed on earth for the last several hundred years.

Israel is labeled the holy land. When what it is is infact that antithesis of that. It is the unholy land. When you decode the flag, anyone with any knowledge would know this. The blue flag and hexagram could be described in no other way than being an unholy curse.

So your relationships with Israel should be simple. You should be going further away from it. You shouldn’t be engaging with them. Any sensible upright person would shun Israel.

Going to Israel would be as stupid as checking into a hotel branded the Axe Murder Inn. 

My personal beliefs Is that this plays out somehow both in a symbolic sense, and a geographical sense, that Israel is the wrong way to go.

The biggest error our nations make in terms of our relations with Israel is simply that we maintain them.

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