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It’s time to Shut the Blue Gate – How distancing relations from Israel would make our nations safer and more prosperous.

Shut The Blue Gate
Shut The Blue Gate

Do you notice the percentage of Focus Israel takes from the world and how un proportional it is to most other nations?
Do you notice how much of that focus is negative?
In a recent article I suggested that it is evident from the Israel Flag alone that Israel is not a direction we are supposed to be going in life. 

But beyond this the way that Israeli representatives conduct themselves amongst our people is not the way that we should be going in life. 
There are a range of ways we could distance relations from Israel to make our Nations safer. 

  • Restricting numbers of flights allowed into western nations would reduce the risk posed by the cults that operate out of Israel. 
  • Enforcing a quota of flights out of these nations to be one way return only flights would help maintain safety levels in our nations. 
  • Placing additional public scrutiny on Israeli Business leaders affairs in Australia would make our leaders more capable of expelling their corruption.

From the way that Jewish leaders have treated me with their own hands. I know that they don’t want my wellbeing and prosperity. 

Why would we allow them to operate in our lands when they make clear their intentions to our people.

Shutting the gates to a people who have made clear their tactics are mafia style suppression, technological exploitation, theft, deception and fraud can only result in increasing peace and safety in our lands. 

Until Israeli ambassadors and political leaders have departed from Australia we have authorised everyday people to defend themselves with lethal force From peoples who are conducting themselves as a cult that have attempted to perpetrate both genocide and intergenerational theft in our lands. 

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