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On Making Peace in times of Conflict.

I get annoyed with conflict. I get annoyed with the abundance of people who our middle eyes alone can see have bad soul. Malicious spirit.

It’s also funny that this post has been in my mind for months. And I seem to have put all the conflict before it.

So why not say some words of peace where they are appropriate in times of conflict.

These are kind of strange words of peace because I don’t know these people so much. I have never travelled to their nation and I haven’t had many dealings with them.

Before I tell you why I am writing this post Ill tell a short story. I was walking in Japan once. In Fukushima. It takes some time to get used to Japanese people. You do feel like Gaijin getting settled in Japan. But one day I was walking down the street and all of the beings on the street appeared to me as Just beings. I wasn’t a foreigner walking amongst Japanese. All the beings on the street were just beings. Their Japanese characteristics disappeared before my eyes. I can’t even find the words to explain the experience.

But as of the people I am writing about in this post I just spent some days researching these people a few months ago. And just by looking at pictures on the internet I concluded ‘These are our people.’

If you don’t know your flags, I am talking about the people of Lebanon. If you have Scottish heritage study the etymology of the word Tartan. You’ll feel closer to Lebanon after. Promise.

As we watch our media and as we see everyone take a position on world politics. Let’s be sure to remember that the people of Lebanon are our friends. That they have always been our friends. That we could almost say that we are the same people.

Because of these commonalities the People of Nations such as Scotland, England, Australia and Other European nations are obligated to remember the shared history we have with these peoples. As part of these obligations we need to ensure that we maintain programs such as.
– Immigration exchanges in both directions
– Study and Travel Opportunities between these nations.
– Healthy media projections of the Lebanese peoples character and culture.

And let’s not forget that people that do seek to render nations that are our friends as sinister or bad people in that intent we can see the people who are our enemies.

So let’s pray that the peaceful relationship and friendship that we have shared with the people of Lebanon remains eternal. And that we remain immune to others attempts to render nations of good people as otherwise.

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