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The Kabalistic and Masonic Magic Behind Donald Trump.

Orange Trump
Orange Trump

I’ve spent a lot of time calling out our fake Queen and fake Royal Family, a forgery that is all propped up by Criminality within our financial and societal institutions.

It’s made news in Australia recently that Virgin Mobile is closing, or at least Optus is cancelling its contract in Australia. All of my old colleagues expressed sadness. I was quite relieved. The extent of the royal forgery makes me angry and the negative impacts this has on the Australian people made me inclined to head down to my local Virgin Mobile and bop someone over the scone. We will all be safer and happier people with a little less Branson and his Bullingdon Brethren in Australia I feel.

But aside from our Boisterous British Buddy Branson I haven’t really spent much time talking about acts of deception within the American Political system. Despite knowing for a few years there are multiple Donald Trumps. I first discovered this when studying a video from American Activist Dick Gregory a former presidential candidate.

Fortunately my only obligations entail bringing forward a world of greater truth and justice and I am really at liberty to disclose as much as I choose when it comes to Masonic trickery.

So here are some insights into the Kabalistic and Masonic Magic behind the ‘US President’ Donald Trump.

The orange tinge complexion seen on trump sometimes is obviously symbolic he is a Masonic Product, Orange being connected to the number 33 in cabalistic numerology.

Why multiple Trumps as if one is not enough? In sorcery multiples are used to amplify the effect of a working.

There is lots of occult symbolism used in the Trump narrative such as in lightning hitting the trump tower, a reference to the tarot deck.

One thing that I find these Masonic figureheads have in common is that they are used to prop up an old paradigm. Donald Trump for example is used to prop up the narrative of the USA. Australia’s sociopathic Masonic Criminal PM is used to prop up the existing paradigm of Australia. He props up Anzac Day, The fake Holocaust, the fake moon landing, the Captain Cook Story. All Masonic BS.

There are many working against these false paradigms to bring forward the new. A paradigm that will secure humanities future and make the earth a better place.

For Australian’s who may be sick of the narrative that is being perpetuated on earth, don’t be disheartened by the Trump story and don’t feel the need to react to it. It is our job to make our narrative more compelling, more meaningful and ultimately more beneficial for the earth and it’s people. Whether Trump is an act of Freemasonic Wickedness, or in fact the Trump of God we are yet to find out.

And remember, if the forces that control earths so called leaders do not use their Trump Card to bring about good on earth. We don’t need anyones permission to use their likeness for good ourselves .

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