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The Need to Freeze Police Salaries

The Need to Freeze Police Salaries
The Need to Freeze Police Salaries

Police forces in Australia have been directly involved in crimes against humanity for decades.

Their actions have resulted in the forced murder of thousands upon thousands of innocents. As a whole they need to be regarded as a criminal force that needs to be entirely disbanded and rebuilt from the ground up.

All current standing officers need to be part of trials for crimes against humanity on earth. These trials should be held in Europe, in the Americas and in Australia and New Zealand.

Many of the current standing forces have entered pacts with dark forces and intentionally serve against the word of the bible. These men are unredeemable and we should have no mercy toward them as they are outed. To date we have counted many police working in service of dark forces. Such conduct is not only unacceptable within the police force, in is unacceptable amongst our humanity.

Officers that become victims of violence from citizens defending themselves against a well coordinated vicious cartel that has malicious intent toward humanity should be shown no consideration. 

Australia, the Americas and European Countries should implement a freeze on all police salaries and ensure that officers that have participated in crimes against humanity should not be rewarded for being part of one of earths most violently corrupt forces. We encourage people to feel no mercy toward the police when the full force of what they have been a part of comes back to haunt them.

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