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What is the Mental Health Impact on Australian Children Of Falsified Murder and Police Activity?

Zlatko Sikorsky Larissa Beilby
Zlatko Sikorsky Larissa Beilby

There has been a lot of talk in the Government and Media about Mental Health. Although the genuine feeling we get is that the real goal of the people leading these conversations is simply to write more prescriptions.

But to really understand mental health we need to also look at the conduct of people in our society. Just as in war the enemy will poison the well below your feet, they will also poison the well above your head. Yes, the light that is perpetuated in our society is critical to our mental health and what we must address before discussing chemicals and prescriptions for mental health is understand the impact of false light or simulated events on our brains.

Keep in mind that children and teenagers mental health is the most delicate and the bodies involved in the continual staging and faking of events and their portrayal in the media may in fact be responsible for real mental health damage in the community and therefore be legally liable for the problems that they cause.

Beyond asking what the mental health impact is we also need to more deeply explore the question, if police are forced to falsify acts of murder maybe the real problem is that the police are over staffed and over funded. Maybe what we really need to do is reduce the number and budgets of police forces in our society if they have nothing better to do than traumatise populations with fake events. Admittedly in my Masonic study I have read nothing about the virtues of faking murders and hostage incidents.

What is broader society doing to address this?

Let me address two corporate bodies, because the staged event that this post is focused on occurred on the Sunshine Coast where both of these bodies are either invested or seek to be invested.

1) – The Google Corporation – There has been talk of Google opening an office on the Sunshine Coast – Google do little to address the violence inherent in these kind of falsified events. In fact we have evidence that Google and their associated corporations accept revenue from bodies directly associated with organised paedophilia and historic acts of pre meditated human sacrifice. That’s right, the corporation with the slogan, ‘don’t be evil’ happily generate advertising revenue from corporate bodies with histories of Child rape and occult human sacrifice. It seems evident that we will unlikely ever see standards high enough to entrust this corporate body to make leadership decisions of a high enough caliber for humanity.

2) The Virgin Corporation – The Virgin Corporation are directly invested in the Sunshine Coast via an Island Resort. Should we or would we expected Richard Branson to Open his oh so cool and calm corporate mouth with a reaction to violent simulated events in our community and the effects these have on the children of the next generation. Of course we can’t expect these men to call for this activity to cease. These men are guaranteed to shut their mouths because this is precisely the type of violence and deception that they profit from. Why Not Fuck the people of earth in the Brains and then sell them some dermal fillers to cover over the cracks of their trauma? Sounds like a business plan right?

We can clearly not rely on the current crop of Earths Business and political leaders to speak on the mental health consequences of falsified and simulated events in the media and need to develop business leaders who know how to profit from truth and acts of honesty. Our own courts of light are set to begin keeping records of events that appear to have elements or symbolism associated with falsification in order to create a record so people in our communities can keep connection to true histories of the land.

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