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Australia End Times Judgement

This Is A Concise End Times Judgement For The Nation We Know As Australia.

We Have Described The Occultism Of The Name Australia In Other Places.

Essentially It Is Used As A Land To Contain People With A Dead Brain.

The People Involved In Installing Energetic Extraction Systems In Australia Are Implicated In Crimes Against Humanity.

Australia No Longer Has A Standing Government. The Current Presentation Of Government Is A Murderous Force Building Systems To Extract Energy, Mentally Circumcise And Abuse People On The Land. 

Beings Who Continue To Take Their Pay Cheque From Such Governments Instead Of Bringing Forward New Equitable Systems That Cultivate Life On The Lands. May Be Subjected To Blood Purging And Flesh Punishments.

All Foreign Nations Need To Be Informed That Australia No Longer Has A Official Accepted Government.

International Businesses Dealing With The Current Australian Government Body May Also Be Implicated In Crimes Against Humanity.

Australia As A Nation And The Australian Government Have Failed Their End Of Time Judgement.

We Have Already Proposed A New Naming Convention For The Region.

From Here We Will Go On To Publish A Range Of Purge Orders That Authorise The Use Of Elemental Compression, Blood Purging, Curtailment And Possible On Street Blood Violence To Remove The Forces In Australia Who Implement Systems Of Energy Extraction And Suppression Of Our Peoples Spiritual Capabilities. 

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