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Caucasian South African End Times Judgement

This Is A Concise End Times Judgement For Caucasoid South Africans.

We Connect The Caucasian South African Blood Lines To The Dutch And They Also Commonly Form Commercial Associations With Israel.

At The End Of Time Caucasian South Africans Have Been Found To Be Forming In Cults And Conspiring Mental Abuse And Birth Suppression Against Our Communities.

There Will Be A Variety Of Consequences For These Transgressions.

Australia And Our European Nations Will Prohibit South African Communities From Forming On These Lands.

I Will Be Creating A Variety Of Specific Briefs On Action To Take Against South African Communities.

South African Men Women And Children Will Be Subjected To Blood Violence And Forced Purging Due To The Transgressions Against Our Humanity.

African Communities Are Also At Liberty To Complete Puring Of These Beings in South Africa.


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