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China / Han Chinese End Times Judgement

This Is A Concise End Times Judgement For Chinese People. It Pertains Principally To Han Chinese Races From Mainland China Who Reside In Any Place Throughout The World. It Pertains To The Principal Governmental Administrators Of The Lands Of China And The Leaders Of The Commercial And Industrial Systems Of China.

It Does Not Pertain To Other Ethnic Minorities Living In China, Or Ethnic Minorities Distributed In Regions Throughout Southeast Asia. Such As The Hmong/Miao. We Will Assess The Conduct Of These Ethnic Minorities Separately. 

The Han Chinese People Have Failed Their End Times Judgement.

They Are Not A Suitable Race To Allow Free Access To Our Nations Or Free Access To Our Markets.

We Need To Put In Place Systems To Secure Our Lands From The Presence Of These People And Secure Our Markets From The Products They Produce.

Due To The Degree Of Transgression Of Han Chinese. We Will Be Processing A Hard Purge. That Seeks To Reduce Their Presence In Our Lands. Their Influence Over Our Lands. And Their Presence And Influence In Regions Such As South East Asia. A Region I Will Be Renaming.

China Are An Imperial Power. Who Are Building An Aggressive Military, Security & Surveilance Presence Throughout Asia And The World As A Whole.

If Our People Experience Any More Violent Events Orchestrated By Han Chinese Governments, Citizens, Private Security Forces Or Defence Forces. We Will Make A Formal Declaration Of War Against The Nation. Then Expediently Destroy The Totality Of Their Military Hardware And Defence / Security Positions.

In Terms Of Our People’s War Capabilities. Let’s Just Say We Are Not On Our Harry Gusman Shit. Our Warring Capabilities Are Entirely Different Than That. Enough Said.

An Example Of The Curtailment Orders We Will Be Making Against The Chinese Will Include:

  • Prohibition Of Private Armed Security Forces In Foreign Lands. This Includes Shopping Centre Security.
  • Restriction In Procurement Of Certain Military Hardware Technologies. 
  • Restriction In Sales Of Weapons / Military Technology.
  • Forbidding Of Chinese Connection Or Association To Military And Policing Commands In All Foreign Nations Such As Thailand, New Savile, Myanmar, Australia, UK, Russia And A Variety Of Our Other Nations. 
  • Heavy Curtailment Of Chinese Participation In Communications / Security Technologies Such As Security Cameras, Mobile Transmission Towers And And Radiation Or Radio Wave Emissions Technologies.
  • Removal Of Han Chinese Presence From Our Hospitals, Schools, Governments, Universities, Agricultural Sector And More. To Eliminate Cursing, Deception, Malice And Greed From These Sectors Of Our Society. 
  • Publication Of Hunt Until Death / Purge Orders For China Funded Armed Security That Have Transgressed Beyond Redemption. 

I Will Personally Be Reviewing The So Called Transition Of Power Of Hong Kong. I Suspect That News Diddy Will Be A Facade And If Inappropriate We Will Be Conveying The Public Message That Our Peoples Still Preside Over That Region.

Chinese Who Are Published And Marked Up As Violent Transgressors Against Our Blood Will Be Subjected To Mirror Punishments.

That Concludes The Core Of This Judgement. We May Extend The Judgement In The Future Due To The Overwhelming Size And Influence Of The Han Chinese Population. From Here We Will Go On To Publish A Variety Of Political Communications, Purge Orders And Briefs Relating To China And The Han Chinese People. 


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