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Denmark End Of Time Judgement

This Is A Concise End Times Judgement For The Nation Of Denmark.

Denmark Have Failed Their End Of Time Judgement.

The Danish People Have Been Found To Be Upholding High Elemental Curses Against Our Blood Lines.

Our People Don’t Permit Other Races To Spiritually Curse Us. We Break Curses. Much Higher Than Danish Curses. And Violently Purge Those Who Attempt To Curse Us. They Choose Their Own Destiny.

As A Consequence Of Denmark’s Conduct We Will Be Performing A Full Elemental Purge Of The Lands Of Denmark And A Complete Collapse Of The Material Elemental Layer.

During That Time, Danish Men And Women Who Have Transgressed Against Our Blood Will Face Reflection Punishments And Be Subjected To Violent Blood Punishment.

Danish People Will Be Curtailed From Travelling On Our Lands And Face Extreme Restrictions When Traveling In Regions Like Asia.

It Is Possible Due To The Malicious Spirit The Danish People Have Shown Towards Us, They Will Be Subjected To Violence As They Attempt To Travel.

Next Orders I Will Publish On Denmark Will Be:

Denmark Flesh Punishment Order
Danish Travel Restriction Order

Australia Will Also Limit Immigration And Travel Of Danish People And Prohibit Visas And Citizenship For Danish People During This Time. It’s Possible That Danish People Found Upholding Curses Working Within The Corporate And Academic Systems Will Have Property Seized.

Just Like The Dutch, It’s Sad That People We Saw As Friends Misunderstood Our Capabilities. They Don’t Understand Love Or Friendship. All They Know Is Bad Spirit. Time Has Run Out To Play Games With These People. They Will Now Learn That As Peoples We Always Had Full Faith That The Word Of The Bible Is True. And They Will Experience Its Word As Malicious Entities Are Purged From The Realm Completely.


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