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England End Of Times Judgement

I Haven’t As Of Yet Published An England End Of Times Judgement.

We Have A Number Of Elemental Purge Orders Published For England.

I Don’t Believe That England Is A Christian Nation. I Believe It Is A Holding Zone For Beings Of Low Spirit And Energy.

English People Have Conducted Themselves Of A Sub Standard Spirit During Our Generations. Their Presence Isn’t Welcomed Amongst Us.

English Men And Women Who Have Been Found To Be Conspiring Violence Against Our Being Will Be Subjected To Retribution Violence.

English Beings Who Have Not Passed Into The Spirit Realm. And Are Found To Be Working Spirit Hexes. Will Be Marked For Their Transgressions.

In Short England Has Not Passed Their End Of Times Judgement.

English Medical Professionals That For Example Have Been Found To Have Conspired Sexual Curtailment Of Beings From Our Blood Lines Will Be Subjected To Retribution Punishments. English Women With Serious Transgression On Their Soul May Be Raped In Their Place Of Work Or Family Home. Women That Speak With English Accents May Be Targeted In Rape For Their Transgressions Against Our Humanity.

Alternately English Women Who Have Conspired Medical Sexual Curtailment Of Our Beings May Be Subjected To Chemical Curtailment Or Other Beings From Their Family May Be Subjected To Such Curtailment Or Sterilisation.  

As I Begin To Publish End Of Times Judgements For The USA, Japan And France, I Will Also Be Detailing Technological Architectures And Systems For Recording And Documenting The Spirit Of Beings Who Reside Amongst Us. Such That Information Of Beings With Violent Intentions Towards Us Is Made Public Through Extraction Of Information From Work Systems, Social Networks, Homes And Computer / Phone Systems. These Systems Will Act As Long Term Defensive Systems Against The Bad Spirit Of Beings From England.


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