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India End Times Judgement

This Is An End Times Judgement For The Nation Named India And The Race That Can Be Described As Indian Or Indo Brown That Practice A Variety Of Religions With Varying Degrees Of Validity.

Due To The Conduct Of These Peoples Amongst Our Humanity They Have Failed Their End Times Judgement.

They Have Demonstrated Acute Violence And Dishonesty Toward Our Peoples. They Work In Association With Curse Cults And Harbour Ill Will Toward Our People. It is An Imperial Power That Aims To Expand Influence In Our Region. It Sends Workers Into Our Corporations Principally As A Spying Intelligence Mechanism. Generally The Quality of Workmanship And Conduct Of Indian Workers Is Below The Expectation Of Our People.

The Indian People Are Commonly Found Where Violent Curse Cult Activity Is Transpiring As A Willing Participant Of Subjugation of Our Men Women And Children.

As A Consequence Of These Peoples Horrendous Conduct In Our Lands, We Will Be Performing A Full Hard Elemental Death Purge In The Nation Of India And We Will Be Performing Violent Purges Of The Population In Our Own Nations. Ultimately In Our Lands The Purpose Will Be To Reduce The Population Of Indian Beings. In Their Lands The Purpose Will Be To Perform A Recolonisation And Construct Towns And Residential Areas With Entirely Caucasian Populations.

Thats Enough To Give You A Sense Of These Peoples Position At Present. I Will Be Publishing A Variety Of Purge And Punish Orders Against Indo Brown Races In Many Nations And Indians Found Guilty Of Insurrection Against Us Will Face Reflection Punishments.

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