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Indigenous Australian End Times Judgement

The Is A Concise End Times Judgement For Indigenous Australians. Also Known As First Nations People Or Aboriginals.

Indigenous Communities Have Failed Their End Times Judgement And Have Failed To Live Amongst Us As Equal Benefactors Of The Land. We Do Not See The Indigenous People As An Authentic Race But Instead A Group Of Peoples That Assemble In Cults And Feed On Our Blood With Intention.

We Are Not Stupid People. Indigenous People Are Not Stupid. Im Sure Having A Brain And Basic Understanding Of Masonic Symbolism. I’m Sure These People See. That At The End Of Time. Standing Under The Indigenous Flag. Is Not A Place You Would Want To Be Standing. 

So Cut The Bullshit. My Advice Would Be. You Figure Out What The Real Story Is. And Tell It.

At Present Indigenous Australians Are Not Speaking The Truth About Their Languages, Their Origin Or Their Spiritual Affiliations. They Are Not Speaking The Truth About Their Culture Or Their Relationship With Our People.

Like Other Blue Blood Cult Races, They Maintain Close Relationships With Nations Like The USA And Use False Vanity Driven Narratives And Media Abuse To Claim Authority Over The Lands. They Also Practice A Low Occult Nature Mysticism Similar To Japanese Shinto Occult Cursing That Constitutes Abuse Of Our People And Will Be Targeted In Purge Orders Pertaining To Indigenous Participation In Media. 

My Personal View Is That Evidence Of Advanced Agricultural Infrastructure On The Lands, Is Not Evidence Of Advanced Indigenous Races Living Here. It Could Be Evidence Of Other Peoples Or Races.

If There Was Advanced Indigenous Agricultural Practice Historically. Indigenous People Would Be Practicing It Still Today. Not Running Around With A Blue Blood Faggot Cult Lighting Fake Fires. And Telling Bullshit Dingo Stories. 

Essentially Australia Will Be Practicing A White Australia First Policy And Introducing More Segregation Policies That Protect Caucasian Families From Corrupt Indigenous Leaders And Blue Blood Cult Activity.

Even Though Indigenous People May Not Like The Sound Of Segregation. Realistically The Concept Is Not Designed To Be Suppressive Or Exploitative Or Even Concealing Of Advanced Technologies Or Practices. But instead To Allow Each Race Comfort And Security When Desired And Interaction When There Is Mutual Benefit.

With Other Races I Have Said Post Judgement We Would Go On To Publish Purge And Punish Orders.

In An Attempt To Maintain Degrees Of Grace With Indigenous Australians, The Next Thing We Publish Relating To Them Will Be A Proximity And Conduct Warning.

Even Though I Have To Have Some Cold Words With Indigenous Australians In the Coming Days. Any Indigenous Person With A Brain Will See That The Needle On Truth And Progression For The Nation As A Whole. And The Removal Of Bullshit Saturn Suppression Is Happening Faster Than Ever Before. That Creates A Route To Opportunity For All Peoples. If They Choose The Right Action And Path. 

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