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London Named as First European Judgement Jurisdiction

London is going to be the first European Judgement Jurisdiction.

At this point these are the main focuses of that Judgement Jurisdiction.

  • Individuals who have profited from production, planning sale or profiting from heavy armoured vehicles to participate in foreign wars can be seized, interrogated and have any assets associated with such profit seized.
  • Individuals involved in such conduct can be tried for treason against the generation living in the lands of England.

Aside from resolving war activity in Regions like Afghanistan.

Corporations who have profited from Cannabis Prohibition, Police activity in that area or any communications activity that has permitted Cannabis prohibition to be administered in nations such as Australia where the activity is connected to what is considered near genocidal treatment of the indigenous people – Individuals who have served as CEO or Governmental leaders in this activity can be called in for questioning and punitive measures can be taken to ensure such activities cease permanently.

We will be announcing more Judgement Jurisdiction’s in Europe and Other Regions Soon.

I will also me announcing more Focus areas for different Jurisdiction’s over time.







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