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Muslim End Of Times Judgement

I Haven’t Really Done Any Deep Investigation Into The Muslim Religion.

When I Write About Allah, All My Advice Is Based On A Word Decode.

So I Get A Sense Of What The Entity Is.

That’s True Of Many Of The Spiritual Entities I Reference.

However I Have Always Maintained That Christianity Is A Far Superior Practice. And My View Is The Muslim Region Peaks Where Christianity Begins.

I Have Never Studied The Quran I Don’t Intend To.

However On Assessment of The Muslims Around Us, And Their Communications Through Media. It’s Not Hard To Deduce A Malicious Spirit Amongst These People.

Muslims In Our Nations Have Failed Their End Of Time Judgement.

We Will Be Discouraging The Practice Of The Religion And Encouraging Our Youth To Pay Closer Attention To The Occultism We Teach As A Higher Path To Ascension.

We Will Also Be Curtailing Travel Of Muslims From Muslim Regions Such As Saudi Arabia And Prohibiting The Construction Of Muslim Mosques In Our Nations.

I Will Be Supporting This Judgement With A Race Decode On Divine Decodes Soon. 

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