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Netherlands (Dutch) End Times Judgement

This Is A Concise End Times Judgement For The Dutch People Or The People From The Lands Named The Netherlands Or Sometimes Referred To As Holland.

This Land, Like So Many Other Lands Appears To Be A Deep Masonic Testing Zone. A Zone That Exists In Nations Such As Israel Being The Obvious Example. But Also In The Americas Such As USA. And In Africa Such As The DRC (Congo) Or South Sudan. 

Just For Some Context. Over The Years I Have Had A Number Of Dutch Friends. There Has Been No Beef At All. So The Acute Violence They Have Shown Me Is Completely Out Of The Blue. Ironically.

The Dutch People Like Indians Conduct Themselves As Handlers Or Occult Overseers Of Their Peoples Commercial Interest As They Travel. The Concept Of True Friendship Is Immaterial To Them Compared To Their Own Imperial Interests.

But The Dutch Judgement Zone Seems To Be A Holding And Curtailment Zone For People Of Mediocre Spirit And Conduct.

The Dutch People Have Been Directly Involved In Advanced On Street Stalking, Coordinated Abuse Cults, And Conspiracy To Perpetrate Violence On Our People.

Due To Their Violence Against Us. The Dutch Have Failed Their End Times Judgement And Are Considered A Curse Race. Again They Have Close Association With South Africa And The Settlers Who Speak Afrikaans. South Africa Is Another Low Spirit Judgement Zone.

We Will Be Performing A Full Elemental Death Purge In The Netherlands Region.

We Will Be Reducing Dutch Citizens Access To Our Lands, Performing Heavy Curtailment Against Dutch Corporations And Subjecting Dutch Transgressors To Reflection Punishments.

When The Purge Is Complete Control Of The Region Will Be Put Into The Control Of The High Frankish Bloodlines That Have Traditionally Controlled Europe. It Is Likely That Large Tracts Of Europe Will Once Again Be Known As Something Like Austrasia.

That Concludes The End Times Judgement For The Dutch People And The Netherlands. We Will Now Commence Publishing A Range Of Purge And Punish Orders.

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