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Pacific Islander End Times Judgement

This Is A Concise End Times Judgement For Pacific Islanders.

There Are A Variety Of Races Considered As Pacific Islander.

We Will Be Publishing A Seperate Judgement For Maori Who Are Largely Present In New Zealand. There Are Also Some Races Residing On Pacific Islands Who Describe Themselves As Maori.

Pacific Islanders Have Failed Their End Times Judgement.

It’s Important To Note That Pacific Islanders Have No Particular Right Or Claim To Land Or Access To The Lands Commonly Named As Australia. Its Likely We Will Be Briefing People On The Use Of The Name Australia Shortly.

Their Only Right Of Access Comes From Proper Christian Conduct.

Pacific Islanders Assemble In Cults. Are Strongly Connected To Blue Blood Mason Cults. They Are Also Mostly Vicky Ziegler Lodge Masons. It’s Not Hard To Read The Faggotry In Their Work.

The Pacific Islanders Are Heavily Connected To Football In Australia. Which We Have Previously Stated Is Entirely Useless To Our Humanity. I Pay The Shit Zero Attention. King Wally Has A Head Injury. Thats Funny Shit Coon Faggots. Did You Get That Joke From Vicky Himself?

These Faggots Really Do Get Head Injuries. They Really Are Fucked In The Brains.

It Was Hilarious To See A Bunch Of Pacific Islanders In The News Paper Refusing Fruit Picking Work Were Such Spineless Faggots They Had To Cover Their Face In The Photo.

Just To Give You Some Context. There Is Occultism Behind Fruit Picking. I’ve Done It In Multiple Nations. But Just A Year Ago. I Knew I Needed Both Work And Exercise. And I Just Said Well I’ll Apply For Fruit Picking Work. Be A Man. Get Some Balls. Roll Up Your Sleeves. Get Fit. And Do Some Fuckin Work. I Also Figured If You Could Get Promoted To Farm Manager Etc, Might Be A Nice Gig.

But Blurring Your Face In News Paper Photos. Mad Faggot Shit. Spineless Coon Faggot Shit.

The Pacific Islanders Are Also Associated With The Perpetual Breeding Of Low Blood / Blue Blood Children In An Effort To Curse Our Blood And Energetically Overpower Us. We Will Be Curtailing Their Access To Our Lands And Curtailing Their Production Of Low Blood Children On The Lands.

I Don’t Really Need To Cover Much More In This. I Will Be Publishing A Proximity And Conduct Warning For Pacific Islanders In Australia That Will Cover Participation In For Example Staged News Media Events.

That Concludes The Judgement For Pacific Islanders.

We Will Go On To Publish Follow Up Orders Relating To Them. The Judgement For Maori Will Follow Shortly As Will More End Times Judgments For Other Nations And Races.

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