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Russia End Times Judgement.


Russia Is A Distant Land Of Finite Interest To Our People.

There Is A Reason That So Many Slavs Are Contained In An Icy Shithole.

The Russian Spiritual Hierarchy Has Capitulated To A Mind Parasite That It Does Not Take Great Stamina To Defeat.

The Quasi Militaristic Dialogue That Emits From Russia Is Of No Interest To Our Humanity. 

We Are Not interested In Reading Their News. In Decoding Their Stories. They Can Keep Their Brain Rape And Have It Equally Reflected On Their Own People.

They Do Not Meet Our Peoples Standards, Which Has Explicitly Requested Projection Of Stories That Are In Line With Our Own Peoples Positive Realities. 

Russian Men, Women And Children Are Not Suitable To Become Closely Integrated Into Our Nations. 

They Practice An Occultism That Is Of Little Interest To Us.

As Russians Have Failed Their End Times Judgement, During The Purges Russian Women Can Be Sold Into Prostitution And Be Subjected To Deep Elemental Blood Rape.

Russian Women Travelling In All Nations, Australia, The United Kingdom, Europe, North And South America Can Be Targeted In Deep Violent Elemental Blood Rape.

Take Your Faggot War Shit Somewhere Else. You Are A Pack Of Filthy Amero Jew Pig Swine.

Russians Can Be Removed From All Governmental Buildings In Our Nations With Violence.

Russian Men Women And Children Are Bound By On Street Blood Purge Orders.

Our People That Come Into The Presence Of Russians Can Submit Their Beings To Earth And Purge Their Blood.

Our Corporate Hierarchies Can Utilise Russian Women Freely In Pornography And Prostitution.

There Is No Circumstance That I Will Ever Visit The Region, Its About As Tempting As Travelling To Sunny Scotland.

The Most Pragmatic Thing That Our People Could Do Is Kill The Mind Parasite That Is Russia And The Fraud That It Spills Into Our Media.

That Concludes The End Times Judgement For Russia.

From Here I Will Go On To Publish A Variety Of Purge And Punish Orders For Russia And Curtailment Orders That Seek To Keep Them At Distance From Our Society.


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